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We are situated in "pole position" to the Dolomites.

Book now your summer holiday at Sexten/Sesto,

the location of the famous Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime!

Holidays in Sexten – more mountain adventures

And it is clear why. Because we are closer to the mountains. Not closer to hustle and bustle, but to authenticity. Everyone can find a special place here – no matter the age, no matter if you are a gourmet, an athlete or both. You may find it on the peak of the mountain, on sheer rock walls, on glistening ski slopes or at the dinner table with your family and friends.

Start the adventure – on
your apartment’s doorstep

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Unforgettable summer holidays in the Dolomites - Gamz.
Winter holidays in Sexten: apartments in the Dolomites
Spend exciting days in your summer holidays in Sexten.
Activities for families: summer holidays, Sextental
Sometimes we get high

The rocky peaks of the Sexten Sundial form a unique spectacle of nature, and majestically overlook your arrival. Many people yearn to be there, not only climbing-aficionados, as the 3 Zinnen Nature Park offers unique flora and fauna. It features stunning landscapes and impressive Dolomite peaks, which can be admired from one of the panorama terraces. A visit is always a highlight. Climbing, hiking or skiing - be part of the adventure.

Live your skiing dream

Just a stone’s throw, or to be more precise, only about 100 metres from your apartment the brand-new Helmjet lift takes you to skiing pleasures in the 3 Zinnen Dolomites ski resort. A modern ski area, combining five ski mountains, stretches out on your doorstep. The Waldheim beginner’s lift is situated about 100 metres from your Gamz apartment and easy to reach by foot – also for our youngest guests.

natural jewel in the heart of the Dolomites

Picturesque. Iconic. Majestic. These are the words that describe Pragser Wildsee and the atmosphere of the place best. Emerald waters, an ubiquitous boat house and the large spruce pines glistening in lush green provide jaw-dropping vistas. Those, who inhale the cool and clear mountain air deeply, take in the peacefulness of nature, can feel it in their hearts and souls – the magic and power of the mountains. 

Forget about time: the Sexten Sundial

Made of stone, but not chiselled. Made by nature, discovered by men – the Sexten Sundial impresses us with its sheer existence, even if time is not of importance in your holiday. The movement of the sun on the peaks of the Cima Nove, Dieci, Undici, Dodici and Uno shows us the time of day. At the time of the winter solstice the sun shines exactly on the peak of Cima Dodici at midday.

Holidays in the Dolomites: skiing & hiking - South Tyrol
Holidays in the Dolomites: skiing & hiking - South Tyrol
Indulgence in the morning

For breakfast we pamper you with freshly brewed coffee, crispy bread and many regional specialities and handmade delicacies. In summer you savour your refreshment on the Dolomite terrace of the Gamz Apart.

Restful sleep

Comfortable beds and pillows invite you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. In the morning you can stay in bed a little bit longer and admire the mountain scenery from your place of rest. Afterwards the great outdoors is waiting.

Summer holidays or winter vacation

The adventure is waiting directly at your doorstep, as our Gamz apartments are situated in the heart of nature, directly at the ski lift and the hiking area. Experience all shades of nature’s colours, sensual moments outdoors and your personal mix of action-loaded adventures and relax time.