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We are situated in "pole position" to the Dolomites.

Book now your summer holiday at Sexten/Sesto,

the location of the famous Drei Zinnen / Tre Cime!

Family holidays to remember, Sesto – Sexten

The Gamz is home of generations, therefore family holidays at our house are special. Our youngest guests can lean back, and enjoy the fresh and clear mountain air, being carried in the baby-carrier or driving in the carriage. Kids can explore nature and get to know the Olperl, the friendly creature from the Dolomites.

Get ready for
mountain adventures

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Rise and shine

Even the youngest guests have fun when hiking the mountains, as there is a lot to see and do on the way. There won’t be a dull moment, exploring the Sexten Dolomites for example on the ‚Schnullermeile‘, where you can hike and play. Many more themed hiking paths are inviting you to walk, enjoy and experience adventurous times.

Olperl and his friends

Do not miss visiting the Olperl, the charismatic ghost of the Sexten Dolomites, living in the Mountain Adventure World. Olperl has been living in Sexten since a long, long time and has always been playing practical tricks on the people living here. But now he wants to show the visitors of Olperl’s Nature Park his friends, the wild animals of the Dolomites. Discover his secrets on the 10 activity points of the 1.5-kilometre-long circular walk.

Visit the friends of Santa Clause

With their cosy fur, their bright eyes and their impressively large deer head the only reindeer herd of Italy provides fascinating encounters. Directly at the top station of Croda Rossa you can watch the feeding of the reindeer, take pictures and find out a lot of interesting facts about these likeable antlered characters.  

Let’s start the adventure

The 3 Zinnen – Dolomites provide not only one but several family parks for visitors, old and young. You can choose from Malghe Di Sexten, Croda Rossa, the mountain experience at Monte Elmo, the world of the giant or the dwarf village at Baranci/Haunold. Or feel the wind racing down with the Funbob at the Baranci/Haunold. Of course, you can visit all highlights during your holidays. And if there is not enough time for everything, simply plan your next visit to the Dolomites.

Activities for families: summer holidays, Sextental
Activities for families: summer holidays, Sextental
Summer in the Hochpustertal

Hiking, biking, climbing – whatever your heart desires, the Dolomites take you higher. The lifts can take you to your next adventure.

Nature & culture

What about taking a look at the Hochpustertal from a new perspective? You can do so if you go on a tandem paragliding flight. Or do you prefer the peaceful experience of visiting Lake Braies.

Holidays with children in the Dolomites

Shining children’s eyes, laughter straight from the heart and a lot of time for activities together are the ingredients for family holidays at the Gamz – in summer and in winter. Everyone is welcome at our house, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, children and friends – and everyone is free to enjoy the days the way he wants. Nature offers enough diversity to suit your needs.